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Long term Strategy in Investing in Real Estate

January 15, 2021

Real estate allows you to do a lot of unique things that other investment vehicles like stocks and bonds do not allow you to do.

Before he proceeds, Fernando would like to remind everybody that he is not an attorney or an accountant, CPA so if you wanted more legal advice about this topic, please do find these professionals.

One of the things that he always tells people is that if you do not have living trusts or a will set up, you should start putting together your estate planning now. 

Fernando started his living trusts when he was 23 years old, the reason is you never know when something might happen. If you have loved ones that depend on you, you need to make sure that they are taken care of.  

The second reason for having an estate plan is to make sure all of your information stays private or semi-private. The worst thing that could happen if you don’t have an estate plan and you passed away then all your assets are subject to probate or probate court. 


What probate does is it alerts the general public that you passed away and if you owe someone money or if someone thinks that they have a right to your property, then they will have the chance to state their claim. That could last from one year up to nine years. 

For the long term strategy in real estate, rule no. 1  make sure you have a proper state plan. 

Second, create not only an income for you but more importantly a generational income that you could pass down to your kids. To do so, as we accumulate assets we can delay paying capital gains and depreciation recapture. 

If you want to understand further, Fernando’s advice in long term strategy in real estate, continue watching this video. 

Fernando O. Angelucci is the Founder and President of Titan Wealth Group. He also leads the firm’s finance and acquisitions departments. Fernando Angelucci and Steven Wear founded Titan Wealth Group in 2015, and under his leadership, the firm’s revenue has grown over 100% year over year. Today,


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Titan Wealth Group operates nationwide sourcing off-market investment properties for Titan Wealth Group’s acquisition as well as servicing a network of thousands of active real estate investors worldwide. Prior to founding Titan Wealth Group, Fernando worked for Dow Chemical, a Fortune 50 company, rolling out a flagship product estimated to gross $1B in global revenues.


With an engineering background, Fernando is able to approach real estate investing with a keen analytical mindset that allows Titan Wealth Group to identify opportunities and project accurate pictures of future performance.


Fernando graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.A. degree in Technical Systems Management.


Titan Wealth Group was founded in 2015 with the vision of gathering individual investors that have the means to invest but lack either the time to find high-yield investment opportunities or the access to these off-market deals. All too often, founders Fernando Angelucci & Steven Wear came across investors who had deployed their capital only to regret the lack of consistency or degree of returns their investments were producing. In response, Titan Wealth Group provides access to highly-vetted real estate secured investments and off-market acquisition opportunities primarily in the Greater Chicago MSA. Today, Titan Wealth Group not only assists individual investors but has grown to support the acquisition goals and capital deployment of investment groups, private equity firms, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

As a facilitator of wealth growth, Titan Wealth Group believes that success is not limited to the sum of our efforts and is infinite with what can be accomplished through partnership.


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